Not Your Every Day Card | Week 1 | Easel Cards

Not Every Day

Hey there!!

I love sending cards to friends and family and I know that they love them.  However, I’ve wanted to step it up just a bit and make my cards a little more special.  So, as I send them, I am trying to make them a bit more interactive. 

One style of cards that I love to share are Easel Cards, as they can be set up and displayed.  However, if you write a note, that too can be displayed.  I saw another version of this card on Pinterest, and wanted to share it here. 



You can watch it HERE on You Tube.


And here are some still shots of the cards made this week. 



I created the front of the cards with the Blueprints 13 from MFT and the Friend Request stamp set.  The *Not Sent from my Phone is totally why I got this set.  My friends and I used to joke about that when they first got iPhones. 


This is the basic easel card style which is still just as awesome.  Just adding the extra cardstock makes a fun addition to this style. 




Before I leave you, I wanted to share this link to Art Impressions Facebook page where Kate shared some new dies coming out soon.  They are Easel Dies and create a base for your cards to stand on!  AWESOME!! 

Thanks for joining me today for this Video Series.  Stop back next week for the second edition. 


Stamps : My Favorite Things
Dies : MFT
Paper: Cardstock Papertrey Ink; Patterned Paper

Not Your Every Day Cards | Watch Me Video Series


  Not Every Day

I had a fun idea to share some cards that are a bit out of the box and I decided to turn that into a Series on my YouTube channel and here on the blog. 

Over the next five week’s, I’ll be sharing with you some different types of cards, interactive cards, fun folds, etc.  I’ll share how you can create them as well, with tips , tricks and shopping links. 

As I share, I’d gladly love for you to join in with me!  I’d love to see what you create! 

Until then, I'm sharing some other videos that I’ve done with Not Your Every Day Cards

Pop Up Card Video

Art Impressions Spinner Card

Happy National Girlfriends Day | Plus a Recipe!

Hey GIRLfriend!! 

Did you know that today is National Girlfriends Day?  It is!    This campaign is all about getting together with your girlfriends to  work together to be a healthier you!! 

I am on a mission to a healthier me, so it only seems fitting that I bring my girlfriends along for the ride right? 

Oscar Women's Checkups

The crew at Oscar Insurance has created this fun graphic for you to use a guideline of checkups women need to make their health a priority.   So grab your girlfriends and do this together!! 

As a mother, I now stop to think about how important it is for me to get early detection of anything.  I want to be here for my family and for our future.  I’ve two aunts who are breast cancer survivors, my family has a history of diabetes and high blood pressure.  I want to help to make a change to those, and start preventative care! 


We have been working so hard this summer to healthier eating.  Greg and I took part in a two week sugar detox at the beginning of summer, and I haven’t felt that great in a long time.  So we have been implementing it in the whole family, slowly.  HA!

In an effort to get everyone eating more fruits and veggies, I’ve whipped up a fun fruit dip to take with us to the fair this weekend.  If we have something healthier to eat as an option to fair food, we can stay on track. 

I know this has some sugar in it, but it’s still getting us the fruits we need!!  Winking smile 

fruit dip

I am going with an old favorite here and adding something new to it.  I grabbed some strawberry cream cheese for today’s to add just a bit more of a kick to the dip!  It’s sooo yummy!!



1 Container Marshmallow Crème
1 Container Strawberry Cream Cheese
Fruits of choice.



I stuck them in my KitchenAid blender and let them whip for a bit, making sure that I got all the marshmallow crème mixed up well. 



In the meantime, I cut up some apples and pears to have to dip in. 


I served them all up on my vintage Fiesta ware plates and bowls, and they were ready for a fun snack. 


I’m excited to be enjoying these over the greasy fried foods of fair this weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to enjoy a few things, but I’ve felt the yucky-ness come back when I resort to too much fast foods.



I also hope that you can take some time to review the graphic above and maybe share it with your girlfriends.  Now it that time to take your health into your own hands. 

Also check out Oscar Insurance.  They are using technology to make health care easier.  If you are a MIsFit user, Oscar Insurance will pay you to move!!  They will pay you $1 each day that you meet your daily step goal, up to $240 a year!   With today’s healthcare, it’s great to know that someone is there to help you.    Check out their New York and New Jersey Health Insurance Plans.


Now, go grab your girlfriends and enjoy the National Holiday! 



All comments and thoughts made are my own.

Retro Bed

Well, sometimes even my ideas scare me.  But thankfully, my hubby goes along with them and we work it out. 


I really wanted to find McKinley an older style bed. 

My Pinterest inspiration:

#girls-bedroom Photography: White Loft Studio - Read More:


vintage iron bed



Thankfully, I knew where I could find a bed like I wanted.  In the Cabin. 

Well, I didn’t know that the mice had gotten into the matress and mom and dad put the bed outside.  A few years ago.  So weather and horses took their toile on it. 

As in, I didn’t even want to share the  before. 

However, Greg took his tools and sanded those babies down.  I didn’t take a photo before I primed it, but WOW… he cleaned them off beautifully and straightened it out. 



I took it out and primed them really well.  You can still see some dings, but that gives it character. 



The after just blew me away!!






That is as far as I’ve gotten on the projects for awhile. 


Cards for Fun!

Hey there!!  Did you enjoy your weekend? 

We celebrated McKinley’s birthday and get the camper ready for fair.  So it was busy.

This girl is turning 9 on August 1st!  We will be celebrating it at the 100th Phillips County Fair – the longest continuous fair in Montana!!  Lucky her!



Before our trip, I was cleaning out the craft room.  I went through my 12x12 paper. Paper that I’ve been hoarding for years, and I finally CUT IT UP!!  Winking smile It needs to be used people!!  I had quite a few sheets of fun paper from Amy Tangerine and American Crafts.  One of the things I loved was that the end strips with the labels and codes, had some fun patterns on the opposite side. 



When I cut up the paper (I cut everything down to 6x6), I kept those strips and today I’m sharing the card I made.   I added them to the front of a card base with the sentiment from the new Stampin Up! One Big Meaning set. 



I added some small chipboard and twine to the front, and I had a super cute and easy card. 


Then while I had my new paper stash out, and this fun stamp set, I played around and made this card.  I did use the Sweet Sketch Sunday, but it was a couple weeks ago and I never got it posted in time. 



I am loving the mix of flowers on this one, and just a hint of grey. 

I feel like I have a whole new stash of papers now.  Sorry, tho, that I don’t know the names of them and most of them are older.  However, I’m using up my stash and not buying new paper for awhile!


Hey friends - I'm sharing a few things that are not card related this week as I clean up projects and head to the fair. 

Please Scroll Down for NEW POSTS!!

However I want you to come back for sure on August 4th for something super fun and card related!!

In the meantime, enjoy some fun family|life posts! 

YouTube Sneak Peek

Book Review | Freedom’s Child

I’ve found that my summer reading isn’t as great as my winter time reading.  I just want to be outside. 

However, I picked up this book just before we started summer break, and I finally finished it.

Freedoms Child

I picked it up because it was in the genre of Stephen King, and even though I love his books,  they can be a bit harder to read sometimes.  Not like a pick me up or anything. 

This one was the same.  Freedom Oliver is a woman with secrets.  You learn early on that she is not happy with her life as it is.  She is living in a small Oregon town, because that is where the Wtiness Protection agency placed her.  She is a mother who was forced to give her kids up for adoption over the choice to give them to her in-laws.  She was accused of killing her husband who was a cop, labeling her cop-killer.

She shares some chapters in first person and some chapters go into third person for the rest of the characters, making it different to read at first.  However, because I wanted to finish it I enjoyed the story line and over all the story itself.  I didn’t care for all the language, but I can easily read past that. 

As Freedom lives her crummy life, she drinks too much to drown the pain.  Thus becoming close to the local police officer, who she often spills more of her secrets to as he’s taking her drunk self home.   She also follows her now grown children online, and soon discovers that her daughter has gone missing.  The adoptive family is not what it seems and Freedom uses their vices to sneak herself into their inner circle.  Once she finds out what is going on with her daughter’s adoptive family, she leaves Oregon with many on her trail.  When she ends up at the destination and realizes what is going on, so takes charge and tries to save what she can. 

It’s not all a happy ending, but you end you rooting for her and her new family in the end. 


I was given this book free for reviewing purposes by and was not required to give a positive review. Any views expressed are those of the reviewer and not the publisher.

Summer Road Trip

Hello Friends!! 


We ran away for a few days last week to see some of this big beautiful state that we call home.   We live in the 4th largest state, so driving from one part to the next requires a lot of travel time.  However, great memories were made and we were able to check off quite a few things off our Montana Bucket List. 


Now this week, we are starting to finish up our prep for the county  fair.  That it next weekend, but we will be busy for most of the week getting ready to go.  I do have a couple posts to share this week with you – AND THEN….I have something super planned for the month of August.  So please be sure you pop back over to check it out!!


For now, some photos of our trip! 


We traveled down through Red Lodge, MT to Yellowstone National Park – via the Beartooth Highway.  Lots of twists and turns as you climb.  Not that fun for a nervous passenger.  However, breathtaking views.  And snow at the top of the peak!! 

Road Trip 031Road Trip 053Road Trip 065IMG_3532


Road Trip 081

Road Trip 099IMG_3564

One of my wants at YNP was to see the Grand Prismatic Spring.  You can see in the 2nd photo what it looks like with all the colors.  Sadly, it was raining and so the steam was crazy, you couldn’t see the colors as well.  Still just amazing. 

Road Trip 130

Road Trip 127

We debated about Lewis & Clark Caverns, but we were there so we did it and I’m so glad.  We had to HIKE clear up this mountain.  However, it was so worth it.  I just didn’t remember it being a 2 hour, 2 mile hike. 

Road Trip 142Road Trip 215

Greg’s number one on the list was to see the old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge.  It was wild to see how SMALL cells were and how big the walls are.  Not some place I would want to be stuck. 

Road Trip 219

Another bucket list for me was the old time photos.  Everyone was excited but RC and I said that is perfect, you don’t want to smile in these.  McKinley fell in love with her dress and said I wish I lived in the olden days!!  lol…  Me too!!  Wait….nevermind. Hee Hee 


OK, this next one might be scary.  I took a lot of selfies but this one was the worst.  I woke up the first day we were gone with swollen eyes.  This photo was much later and the swelling had gone down some.  But it turned out that I’d had an allergic reaction to my makeup.  I’d pick up some new eye shadow the week before.  Going back to my stand by now. 

Anyway, spent some time visiting the clinic in Red Lodge and got some allergy meds.  Yesterday was the first day my eyes were not swollen when I woke up.  So maybe  later this week, I can go back to makeup!!  Winking smile 


Now I need to do something about this laundry pile!!  Yikes!! 




Stamp Club Cards | July

Hey there!!

I’m sharing my cards for this months’ Stamp Club.  Club met last night, but I was unable to attend.  I sent them to the Demo along with my order.




I was inspired by one of the cards in the new Stampin Up! catty, and pulled out my Work of Art stamp set to play with.  I gathered up some colors that seemed to work with the rainbow spectrum. 

I decided that I wanted the hearts muted some, so I added a smaller square of vellum on the front, before adding in the sentiment.   I added the twine by punching holes with my Crop A Dile.  That is also what is adhering the vellum to the front of the card. 



These are super fun, and perfect for a small Thank You. 


Thanks for stopping in – I will be back next week. 

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